Jumat, 29 Agustus 2014


Unlike the use of wheels that most vacuums have, the
Dyson DC15 upright vacuum has a large yellow ball
that will allow the vacuum to pivot and roll with
the greatest of ease.  With the DC15, you simply
turn your wrist and the entire vacuum cleaner will
change direction.  The ability to maneuver this
easily is something that is commonly associated with
canister style vacuum cleaners.

In addition to the unique yet innovative ball design,
the Dyson DC15 also offers quite an interesting
filtration system.  No matter what you may think
or hear, Dyson vacuums don't use filters in the
way that most vacuum cleaners do.

With the Dyson DC15, the air and dirt are sucked
into the container where the outer cyclone removes
large particles such as food, hair, and even
fibers.  The air will then move into the shroud
and inner cyclone where it is rotated with a higher
velocity to drop fine particles of dust out of
the air.

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